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We live in a rapidly changing world where flexibility is a key character and the integration of new technologies is a must. We don't have to convince you anymore about the importance of running along in this race. But how do you become the forerunner? How do you transition from continuously keeping up to taking the lead in your industry? The answer lies in your creativity.

Roadmap to Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation (also known as DX) is vital for your business to survive the upcoming technological disruption. However, it includes a lot more than implementing new business objectives and simply cherry picking innovative technologies. How do you guide your team and your organization to this future?


Today we live in a world where we can be connected with anyone in one second. With one click, your message can be spread all over the world. How do you make sure your company has an online presence that fits your style. How do you interact with your target audience? Learn how to use social media in an efficient way that suits your organisation's vision.


Storytelling is a hot topic that is often linked to branding and big corporate stories. But how can you use it in daily practice? From financial numbers to client reviews: there's a message that needs to be heard. Mold your data into a story and captivate your audience.


The new Belgian corporate law (nieuw vennootschapsrecht) started since May 1st 2019. A lot of changes, but what are the consequences for your organization? In this course we cut to the chase.

Build your foundation

Often, we are thrown into a new technology, without knowing what it is really about. In "Build your foundation" you learn fundamental knowledge about different technologies so you can look at future developments with a clear vision.

Sales management

Sales is a key factor in every smooth-running organization. A good leader makes or breaks a team of top sellers. As a manager, you look for a balance between bringing together hunters versus farmers and in appreciating individual qualities versus team spirit.


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