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ROADMap to digital transformation

Digital Transformation (also known as DX) is vital for your business to survive the upcoming technological disruption. However, it includes a lot more than implementing new business objectives and simply cherry picking innovative technologies. How do you guide your team and your organization to this future?

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Digital Transformation (DX) is the essence of business survival for the next years. Transformation needs to sink into the core of the company’s culture and its personnel. It affects people, processes, technology and content. In this introduction, you learn in ten steps how to take on the difficult journey of DX.

It is crucial for leaders to understand and prepare for the impact of technological disruption within their professional domain. Using some easy econometric models as a guideline, you will get a better understanding on what to expect from future technological transformation. However, predicting change is not enough.

It is essential to get an in-depth understanding of your team’s core competences and abilities during normal work and under pressure. The unique psychometric model of Lumina Spark allows you to understand the capabilities and dangers of your team in a disruptive environment.


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